Covid-19: The New Normal

If you would have told me in January that life as I know would be shut down, I would have laughed at you. Jokes on us right, the world has officially shut down…only essential businesses are operating!!! Everyone has gone from working and laughing with friends to applying for unemployment and forced to stay home.

The cold hard facts are…we can’t control anything that is happening. The most we can do is stay in our homes and pray others do the same. Despite the hardships that will come from this situation, we still have to find a way to keep moving. Now I’m not going to lie…it is hard for me to give up my weekends strolling around home depot or taking myself out to eat. This new normal is hard…it’s okay for you to feel this.

Now, I’m going to be transparent…here are the facts for my new normal:

-We’ve gone down to a one income home *for now*

-Grocery budget has gone up because these children of mine eat

-Utility bills have gone up because people are consistently home

-No matter how much forgiveness…bills still have to be paid

Here are a few more attractive facts I’ve paid attention to over the past few weeks:

-My children are outside everyday

-There is more money left over in my account after pay day

-My children WILL snack on fruits and vegetables if that is all that is available

-My family spends more time together in the evening

-Traffic is almost non-existent (listen this is a big win for me lol)

-I am not the only one spring cleaning this year

Now these are just a few positives I’ve mentioned, but between you and me…I’ve never been so peaceful in my life. Even mother nature deserves to rest and reset, families needed to be reconnected, children had to learn that outside exists as a hobby…unfortunately it took some drastic events for these adjustments to happen.

I know it seems bleak right now…I know many lives will forever be changed. What I also know is, and I encourage you to remind yourselves, this too shall pass. I challenge you to journal 5 things you are grateful for each day…no matter how hard the day was!!! You’ll be amazed by the end of this crisis all the blessings that continued to thrive in your life.

Share your thoughts below…I’d love to hear the positive things that have come out of your experience.

~Natasha Chentille

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