Can You Take the Cape Off?

I can do it myself…..

Just add it to my calendar…..

I’ll take the kids don’t worry about it…..

No sense in crying it won't change anything.....

I don't have time to think about me.....

Any of these statements sound familiar? Let me be the first to say yep, yes, and heck yeah. Now don’t get me wrong, I am an advocate for the word "No"…as a complete sentence.


I suffer from what we call the “Strong Black Woman Syndrome.” I can already imagine you reading this and shaking your head, shouting “Girl, me too!” But how did we get here and how do we get out???

Let me ask you this…what have you done for yourself lately? In the current climate of our Black community, let me just take a guess at what you’ve been doing…you’ve been checking on all your family members, you’ve been out protesting (ehhh maybe), you’ve been donating to funds, and you’ve been a strong vessel for those around you.

Why do you continue to pour into others if you are not pouring into yourself???

How can you be a strong vessel for yourself right now? Now normally I would list out these grand ways for you to be rested, energized, and ready to get back out there. From my own personal experience, what we Strong Black Women need right now can’t be listed out. What you need right now is to sit, be still, and be honest about what will fill your cup.

I’ve started spending an enormous amount of time outside in the last few weeks. When I’m at work I go outside for leisure walks. I've also cried. Not just a cry of sadness, but a cry of slowly releasing the air out of a shaken soda. There is no handbook to being a Strong Black Woman, definitely not while in a monumental movement in history.

As your sista I am asking that you step away from the desk, table, computer, wherever you are right now and tell me what do you need?

Take the cape off...


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