August Scripture Writing Challenge

With a new month upon us, why not start a challenge that will allow us some time to commit to God. LTS Scripture Writing Challenges are designed for people who want to spend time each day listening to God's voice as you simply write these texts out of the bible. August's focus topic is "New Beginnings". Are you ready for a fresh start?

God placed it on my heart to focus on new beginnings whether it's a new job, a new relationship, a new parent or spouse, or perhaps a new sisterhood community (smile!). We know with newness, comes change. Here is a good post on change by an unknown author that reads:

Sometimes, change can make us anxious. It's especially true when it's out of our comfort zone. We are afraid of the unknown; we are afraid of failure. And during the change it may be difficult to focus on the positive, it seems like our minds are attracted to worry.

My prayer for you is by the end of this challenge that you will learn to embrace change in your life and new beginnings will bring you and your family peace in Jesus's name - Amen.

Anyone can join this life changing challenge by following along on Facebook and Instagram. Tag LTS in your post @lovethysistahood and use the hashtag #AugustScriptureWritingChallenge each day.

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Now, who is your accountability partner? It's important to have a partner who will hold you accountable daily as life may become too busy to commit. Make sure you and your accountability partner follow along on Instagram or here on the blog for follow up comments.

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Comment below and let me know what you think about this challenge! I will also feature some of the great posts from each of you, so don't forget to tag LTS on Instagram @lovethysistahood and use the hashtag #AugustScriptureWritingChallenge - We can do it!

Many Blessings,

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