4 Reasons Your New Year's Resolution Isn't Working

It’s the same thing every year. You have a list of resolutions you are determined to conquer…completely dismissing the fact that this list has been in rotation for the last 3 years. BUT, this year is different!!!! You will lose those 60 pounds, pay off that $15,000 car loan, or read 4 books a month.

While these resolutions feel good to make, research confirms that less than 10% are actually sticking to them. Every January my dad complains about how packed the gym is, by February he’s content because the gym is empty again. This scenario is just one of many that we can see if we really pay attention.

It’s important to understand why keeping yearly resolutions are difficult. I’ve included just a few reasons that resolutions don’t reach expectation. However, the list can go on and I encourage you to do some personal research on what category you fall in.

Committing With No Why

There are times I’ve just made a resolution because it seems like the right thing to do. Or I’ve made a resolution because everyone else is doing it. If you have no why you have no motivation. When making a resolution, follow up with your why. Why is this goal so important to you? Why is this even necessary?

Not Able To Commit To The Time

Sometimes these elaborate resolutions are made without looking at the bigger picture. Time is a factor in everything you do. You may not have the time to commit to an extra job to decrease that $15,000 loan. Sit down and look at your schedule. Break down your resolution to small steps and fit them into your weekly routine.

Giving Up Too Early

Resolutions take patience. Just because you make a resolution in December does not mean you will succeed by February. It is easy to lose the momentum when results aren’t seen immediately. This is when your why comes into play. Slow and steady wins the race…most of the time!

Unrealistic Resolutions

It is possible that some resolutions just aren’t going to be attainable. Being ambitious is one thing, but being overly ambitious can lead to disappointment. It might be helpful to include a close friend or family member into your resolution. Talking things out with support may provide insight into the capability of actually achieving your resolutions. We can talk ourselves into and out of anything.

New Year’s resolutions can be a perfect time to be reflective and make necessary lifestyle changes. As long as you make a realistic plan, reach out to your support system, and practice patience you can achieve anything.

What resolutions or goals have you started since January 1st?


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