3 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Achieve Your Goals

Have you ever thought about why you procrastinate? We procrastinate because of a single reason. If I said that and stopped there, I would be lying. It’s not straightforward.

We procrastinate because of many reasons. It’s our duty to know why we procrastinate.

Here are a few reasons:

  • We are afraid of failure.

  • We are afraid of success.

  • We are not interested in the activity.

  • The activity does not align with our desires and dreams.

  • We don’t see the value in the activity.

  • We are too attached to the outcome.

  • We are conscious of what people think.

Despite the fact that there are many reasons to procrastinate, we need to overcome it. We need to stop procrastinating and achieve our best success goals.

This is 2021. You might have spent last year feeling lazy due to the pandemic. But decide today to make this year of your best year ever. It's never too late to start.

That’s not going to happen by a stroke of luck or magic.

It will take faith, hard work, consistency and dedication. It won’t take procrastination.

Here are three ways to stop procrastinating today:

  1. Do your most important activity in the mornings - What is that one thing today you can do to move your closer to achieving your goals? Do it first thing in the mornings. Tackle your biggest frog and your day will be better. When you don’t do this, you go through your day with a nagging feeling. You keep thinking there’s something you didn’t do. This makes you unproductive during your day.

  2. Plan your agenda the night before- This is important especially if you have multiple jobs, like myself. Try not to write no more than 3 hot tasks on your list. The more cluttered your list is, the more confused you will be. Your hot task need to be the most important activities to your growth. They should not be mundane tasks unless these tasks are directly tied to your growth. Got it?

  3. Know your peak performance period- If you don’t know your peak performance period, you won’t do great work. You’ll do mediocre work. What time of day do you produce at an optimal level? It could be any time. For most people, it’s in the mornings. But you could be a night owl. Or you could thrive in the afternoons. Don’t try to be like anyone else. Don’t copy. It’s great to read the stories of highly successful people. But you need to know what works for you. What works for them might not work for you. When you operate at your peak performance period, you’ll notice you work better. You’ll be proud of your work.


Remember, faith without work is dead. You will get what you pray and work hard for. Don’t let procrastination stop you from becoming your best self this year. Achieve your goals, it's time!

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-Coach Natrosha

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