Group Coaching

Start achieving today with like-minded women of faith ready to succeed.

Are you tired of trying to figure out your personal life?

Success Circle Group Coaching can fix that.

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Take a moment and imagine how life would change if you had a dedicated coach and an accountability team to help you achieve your best success of your dreams.

If you had help to identify the changes necessary to transform your mindset. To learn from others just like you and be fully supported stepping outside of your comfort zone. How good would it feel to identify your goals and face them head-on instead of procrastinating to achieve?

Our Success Circle Group program is designed to help you finally be the unstoppable woman of God you know you are. You are ready and so are we. Let’s achieve your BEST success together.

What You Can Expect:

Being held accountable for your choices, achievements and actions is vital in your personal life. Strengthen your life strategy through coaching and regular check-ins. Tap into the power of an accountability team behind you, so nothing gets lost or forgotten.

  • Deep dive 1-hour bi-weekly sessions to help achieve your goals

  • Private 30 minute check-ins to keep you on track

  • Unlimited private group support along the way.

  • Extensive library of personal growth resources.


 Skills and Knowledge

Personal Strategy

Knowledge is power, and a factor that leads to success. We’ve worked to develop a motivational tools focused on essential topics to help you stay on track. Below are a few of the topics we focus on, so you can get excited for what’s ahead: 

  1. Personal Development and Spiritual Building

  2. Creating an Effective Personal Vision

  3. Practice Ways to achieve your Goals 

  4. Developing S.M.A.R.T Goals

  5. Effective Personal Strategy


Identifying and developing your life strategy with specific goals in mind will help you succeed. When you join Group Coaching, you’ll receive a 60-minute deep dive session to assess your current success goals and create an effective strategy to meet and exceed them. You’ll also receive direct help from Natrosha and her team to fully develop your personal strategy.

Who We Work With


We work online with women of faith who are committed to their long-term success and willing to do the work to achieve it. Our ideal clients are believers but are struggling to get to their next level. Whether you’re looking to grow individually or collectively – we know you’ll get results in this outstanding program. We all experience apprehension when diving into a new chapter experience, but if you can channel an open, success mindset towards coaching and dedicate yourself to showing up not only for you, but for other group members 100% – this program is for you.

How Do I Start?

To benefit from our high quality coaching, you’ll invest a monthly fee of $148.50 with no long term contracts. We do recommend a two month commitment (based on your specific needs) to achieve your best results and get the most out of your investment.

Click HERE to schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Call with a member of our coaching team. We work with a limited number of committed women who are ready to show up and succeed.

What's the Cost?