Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to enable a positive change for women. We are creating a community for women to develop personally, empower spiritually and build  lasting business relationships. We want to see women collaborating, supporting one another, being each other's champions all while promoting our shared interests of faith, love, service and sisterhood. 


Our mission is to set women on a path of self development and community actions. As a community, we strive to inspire women to support and promote other women in all aspects of life to ensure self advancements.

Who We Are

The Love Thy Sistahs movement which has grown into a respectable and recognizable brand founded by Natrosha Miller in June of 2015 and was officially launched in 2019 as Love Thy Sistahood, LLC. 

Love Thy Sistahood empowers sistahs to live their full potential by creating a supportive and trusted community full of opportunities, resources, e-learning, networking and events.  We understand the importance of women's goals in personal, business and spiritual growth, and we also know that women want to connect with the right women to help achieve these goals. Love Thy Sistahood provides women with the services, knowledge and connections to become their best overall self. Members have online access and in person opportunities to meet their personal, spiritual and business goals.


Natrosha O. Miller


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